Remote Deposit Plus


Cecil Bank’s Remote Deposit Plus is a hybrid, “patent pending” web-based ARC Check 21 solution that processes and deposits all types of paper items into electronic transactions or substitute checks, better known as IRD, image replacement document, all through a single point of entry system.

With Remote Deposit Plus, you can continue to accept your customer’s paper check payments, either at your business location or via the U.S. mail. Electronically process and deposit checks without having to go to the bank. Scan, process and deposit all types of paper items at your business location using a check scanner. Captured images and data are then transmitted for clearing and electronically deposited into your bank account.

It’s Simple!!! Everything is done in your business environment, no bank visits or deposit slips. All you need is internet access, one of our desktop scanners, and a personal computer. Run the checks through a scanner and watch each paper check convert into an electronic image, and eventually into an electronic deposit. Our technology seamlessly captures and populates accurate check images and MICR data information into the data fields, alleviating manual data entry work for you.


1. The merchant receives a check for payment of goods and services. Using Remote Deposit Plus and a desktop check scanner, you can now begin to scan checks.

2. Transactions and images that were scanned are submitted via Cecil Bank’s secure web-based system.

3. Cecil Bank receives the transactions and images and sends Image Cash Letters (ICL) to the Federal Reserve.

4. The Federal Reserve makes deposits to Cecil Bank’s FED Deposit Account.

5. Cecil Bank reconciles FED deposits through its core processor and distributes deposits to your account.


Remote Deposit Plus allows easy integration with our complete line of scanners, delivering accurate and timely captured check images and data.

High Volume Digital Check TS-350/400

  • Accepts 100 checks at a time
  • Process 60-80 checks per minute, 3,000 per day
  • Images both sides of checks in one pass

Mid Volume Digital-Check TS230-65/100

  • Accepts 25 checks at a time
  • Processes 65 checks per minute, + or – 500 per day
  • Images both sides of checks in one pass

Low Volume MagTek Imager

  • Accepts 1 check at a time
  • Processes 30 checks per day
  • Images both sides of checks in two passes


Check Images and Data
24/7 access to retrieve your check images and payment status.

Flexibility and Scalability
Highly scalable to support any payment volume, from small single users to large payment processing environments.

Data Security
All data transmission is performed via a secure web-based system

Direct2FED Line
Ability to accelerate check clearing. Your Bank sends your transit check items directly to the Federal Reserve in a FED approved Image Cash Letter file.

CAR/LAR Technology
Improves speed and accuracy in the capture process and results in major savings in data entry/processing time, and error reduction.


Intuitive, Ease-of-Use
All you need is a desktop check scanner, internet access, and a personal computer.

Consolidate Banking Relationships
Save money by consolidating your banking business with a single preferred bank. Eliminate the need to have a local banking relationship associated with each business location.

Reduce Internal Accounting Costs
Save time and costs associated with transporting deposits, and manual keying and preparation for posting to accounts receivable.

Electronic Check & Clearing Process
Lowers the cost of payment processing, accelerate the check clearing and funds availability, and maximize your cash flow.

Reduced Return Item Risk,
Learn about NSF checks faster, due to electronic technologies, and receive your money faster.