Beginning on October 24, 2009, when you log on to Cecil Bank’s Web site to pay your bills, you will immediately notice some changes.

The site has been redesigned so that you can perform almost all of your tasks right from the home page. This includes the ability to:

And much more!

Have you signed up for online bill payment yet?
If not, now is the perfect time! That’s because we’ve introduced some exciting new features that make bill payment a fast and easy process – especially for first-time users.

New on-screen dialogue boxes will guide you through all the basic features and tell you everything you need to do, step by step. So getting started with online bill payment is a breeze

Pay your bills faster and have more time to do the things you enjoy!
For more information about the convenience of online bill pay – or to sign up for the service – please call Denise Calder at 410-642-3400 or Christy Biggs at 410-275-8800.

Click HERE to view
NEW Bill Pay Home Page